Welcome to Baumgartner RV & Boat Storage LLC!

We hope to be of service to you by exceeding expectations for your surface storage needs. Our facility has been designed and constructed to provide the best of security and ease of use for recreational vehicle, boat and small business storage needs.

One of the benefits realized from our site location and construction is the natural security it offers. We are bordered by a steep incline on the east and the Meramec River on the south side. To these natural deterrents we have added 6′ fencing topped with barbed wire. Visit our “Security & Access” page for more details.

Our storage spaces have been designed and placed to provide ease of use and are oversized. Ninety-six percent of our rental spaces feature angled parking. There are spaces available with a “pull-through” feature, eliminating the need for backing in or out. See our “RV & Boat Storage” page for more details. We widened Baumgartner Road providing a dedicated turn lane into the facility which accommodates large recreational vehicles. Separate entry and exit gates provide for efficient ingress and egress.

In February, 2015 Baumgartner RV & Boat Storage became affiliated with U-Haul as an equipment dealer and U-Box storage facility. Our location has consistently ranked among the top 100 dealers in the U. S. (with 15,000 dealers nationwide). We have enjoyed the top position (number 1) in the St. Louis region since our second month as a dealer. Click the “U-Haul Rentals” tab above for more details.

Also in 2015, Baumgartner RV & Boat Storage added indoor climate controlled rental storage lockers. Our plans are to continue expanding the storage capacity of our facility. Click the “Storage Lockers” tab above for more details.

Our facility allows 24-hour access and is fully lighted throughout the night.

We look forward to being of service to you!
Steve & Susan Krieger, Owners