Storage & Cost

Baumgartner RV & Boat Storage was designed with you, the patron as our number one focus. We wanted to provide a facility that was safe and convenient. Rather than compressing as many parking spots as possible, we looked at accessibility and ample room. The size of our facility could effectively support over 200 “typical” storage spaces. These would have to be crunched together making parking difficult and putting some larger RVs uncomfortably close to their neighbor.

Instead, we settled for only 142 parking spaces, generously wide. All but the largest spaces (15′ x 50′) and the smallest spaces (9′ x 20′) are built for angled parking. This accommodates backing in and out as opposed to spaces that are “straight-in”. We also offer a limited number of “pull-through” (PT) spaces which eliminate the need for any backing at all! All the travel aisles are 27′ wide and the end turning aisles are 60′ wide.

Our current rates are as follows:
10′ x 24′ $60.00/mo.
10′ x 24′ PT $70.00/mo.
11′ x 38′ $75.00/mo.
11′ x 38′ PT $85.00/mo.
12′ x 44′ $85.00/mo.
15′ x 50′ $100.00/mo.

Space sizes are as follows:
10′ x 24′ 501 thru 529; 422 & 423.
10′ x 24′ PT 322.
11′ x 38′ 401 thru 421.
11′ x 38′ PT 300 thru 321.
12′ x 44′ 104 thru 127 and 600 thru 627.
15′ x 50′ 103,128,129,130,628.

To reserve your RV or Boat storage space, please select the following link: Storage Facility on UHAUL
For boxes, tape packing and moving supplies, follow this link: Moving Supplies.

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