Security & 24-hour Access

We are confident you will find Baumgartner RV & Boat Storage to be among the most secure surface storage facilities in the U. S. Bordered by the Meramec River and steep inclines on the east and south sides, access by foot is nearly impossible. The west side is buffered by a small, privately owned office/warehouse complex with 24-hour video surveillance. The entire facility is surrounded with a 6′ high fence topped with three strands of barbed wire. Our north side, the main entrance, is guarded by a nearly 8′ high, black powdered coated vertical baluster “climb-proof” fence with dual electric gates.

Access to the facility is protected by a high-tech, computer control system. Individual keypad codes are assigned to each patron. Optional “wands” are also available which operate similar to a garage door opener remote control. These can be quite handy during rainy or extremely hot or cold conditions.

With separate ingress and egress gates, “waiting time” is virtually eliminated. Both gates are of “horizontal rolling” design as opposed to the vertical lift overhead gates of some other facilities. Rolling gates are safer and less likely to fail, incorporating photo-cell, ground loop and bounce back sensors.

Your stored items will be watched 24 hours a day via multiple touring video cameras. Night vision and full color recording top the list of camera features. Our video surveillance memory capacity allows for several weeks of recording. This is quite beneficial in researching facility activity when necessary.

With 8,000 watts of light burning every night, there is no need to worry about anyone lurking in the dark. Late night returns aren’t quite the hassle they would be in the dark.

Informative signage through-out the facility and along the main entrance is plentiful and effective. Traffic direction as well as security warnings are positioned for easy reference.