U-Haul Rentals

u-haul-authorized-dealerWe are very excited about our partnership with U-Haul! We can combine this service with our new storage facility to offer a very efficient moving and storage package. Having met with great success in our first year, we look forward to providing this service for many years to come.

Did you know that U-Haul has been in the equipment rental business for over 70 years? They are certainly the “king” of the industry, focusing on ease of use, quick rental process and lowest cost in the industry. In addition to their corporate stores, U-Haul has partnerships with over 15,000 independent dealers throughout the U.S.

But it wasn’t the size or industry dominance of U-Haul that attracted us to becoming a dealer. Their business model is developed around the residential customer to help reduce the stress and cost of the moving experience. Scheduling, equipment design and final cost take into consideration the needs of the “family”.

Another interesting fact about U-Haul is their extensive network of Self-Storage facilities. U-Haul ranks among the top five national companies with respect to amount of square footage of storage space owned and managed. U-Haul also offers the use of its national reservation and payment system to independent dealers. Baumgartner Storage utilizes U-Haul’s management system for the operation of our self-storage facility.

In an effort to continue developing and offering convenient moving and storage options, U-Haul has developed the “U-Box” moving and storage concept. U-Boxes are wooden storage/shipping boxes that can be rented by consumers for the storage and transportation of household and personal goods. The boxes, once filled, can be shipped via common carrier to anywhere in the U. S.

The U-Boxes are easily and simply transported to your home via specially designed, rented trailers. They can also be delivered by U-Haul’s multi-box transport truck. Once filled with your personal items, just return the box to your local U-Box storage facility for secure, indoor storage – all for one simple monthly fee.

Baumgartner Storage is an authorized U-Box dealer and storage facility. We are a preferred “drop-off” location for trucks and trailers coming into St. Louis from other cities. We have the ability to combine many of the U-Haul product options with our own storage facility to help simplify and reduce the cost of your move.

For additional details on U-Haul products and services, give us a call at 314-800-0134; or go online at Trailers & Truck Rentals. For boxes, tape packing and moving supplies, follow this link: Moving Supplies.